Liberate Your Art 2013 – Recap and Blog Hop

I participated in the 2013 edition of Liberate Your Art Post Card Swap. This was an internet promoted post card swap organized by Kat Sloma. This was her 3rd year doing it, my first. I sent 5 post cards I printed myself and one for Kat, mailed them to her along with mailing labels and stamps. A month or so later, I started receiving post cards in the mail from other participating artists.


Participating was a lot of fun. First, the process of selecting images and printing the cards and sending to Kat got me excited about what I might receive in return. Once the cards started arriving, I was waiting every day for the mailman hoping my next card would arrive. Each post card was unique and from different areas of the country/world. I reached out to all the artists whose cards I received and enjoyed communicating with them!

Next year I intend to participate again and hope to attract some of my friends to join me!

Check out the link below for a blog hop of other artists who participated in the swap!

33 thoughts on “Liberate Your Art 2013 – Recap and Blog Hop

  1. I see one of mine there! Hurray! These are all wonderful! I am in awe of the talent out there. What a great way to connect with other artists around the world.

  2. Great collection and I’m so glad you reached out to all the artists that you received cards from. It’s definitely a joy to find where they end up. And what beautiful work you do yourself! It’s been great connecting this way, through the blog hop, to visit with artists that we otherwise would never have known anything about. Cheers,

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