Holt Cemetery, the least known cemetery in New Orleans…

In a city famous for its unique cemeteries, there is one that you probably never have heard of or visited, but you really should! Holt Cemetery was established in the late 1800s as a Potters Field for the indigent residents of New Orleans by Dr. Joseph Holt, an official for the New Orleans Board of Health.

The cemetery is the resting place for over 50,000 of the city’s poorest. There are a couple famous/infamous former residents of New Orleans including early jazz great, Buddy Bolden, and the notorious Robert Charles who was at the center of the 1900 Race Riot in New Orleans. Many former service men and women are also buried there.

I visited this unique place with my wife last time we were in New Orleans and captured these images with my infrared converted Sony a6000 using the Lensbaby Trio28 lens.

Ferry to Algiers Point…

Yesterday we did a little exploration in our sometimes home town of New Orleans. My wife has been reading about the city and there was a passage about Algiers Point, the 2nd oldest part of New Orleans. It is across the Mississippi river so we caught the ferry at the end of Canal street which took us directly to Algiers Point. Here are a few images taken on the way there, while walking around Algiers Point, and after returning.


Something isn’t right in N’Awlins…

As I mentioned in my last post, there is no carnival this year in the Big Easy. The parades have been replaced with homes decorated in a similar manner to the floats that use to pass by.

A couple nights ago, on a night in the carnival season that one of the largest Krewes would be parading through the streets, everything was quiet. There were families and couples and groups of friends visiting the homes along St. Charles Avenue that had Yardi Gras displays, but it just wasn’t the same. Something wasn’t right…but in its own way, it was beautiful!

Yardi Gras 2021…

With the decision to cancel Mardi Gras this year, the resilient population of New Orleans came up with the idea of Yardi Gras! Since floats will not be parading down St. Charles this year, the idea was to decorate homes throughout the city. They have utilized Mardi Gras artists and materials from past carnival seasons/floats to recreate the spirit of Mardi Gras. Here is a link to a great video talking about 2021’s Mardi Gras and some history of the carnival season/traditions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsxbNlCT8YA

While walking along St. Charles to a local bakery for a baguette, I captured some of the decorations. There are houses decorated all around the city, these are but a few I passed on our walk this morning.

Hancock Whitney Building Study…Part 2

While in New Orleans last month, I walked around downtown and primarily photographed the Hancock Whitney Building, formerly known as One Shell Square.

The first post was focused primarily on the building itself. This post/these images are of the building in context of the surroundings.

Hancock Whitney Building Study…Part 1

While in New Orleans last month, I walked around downtown and primarily photographed the Hancock Whitney Building, formerly known as One Shell Square.

This is the first of 2 posts…

Protected: Gel Model Shoot…

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A different light…

This past week I took advantage of the nice weather and sunshine to shoot some images while trying to get me daily 10,000 steps. Since it was sunny out, I used my LifePixel infrared converted camera, a Sony a6000.

These first two shots were taken around my home here in Green Hills using my Lensbaby Trio28 lens.


During another early evening walk, this time with my wife at the Bells Bend Greenway, I used my Sony 16-35 lens on the a6000.

I know infrared, especially color infrared, is not to everyone’s liking. Let me know your thoughts!

Stay At Home…after you see it! Part Deux!

I previously posted about my image being featured around Nashville thanks to Artpop Street Gallery. Well, they have done it again, and again, and again, and…well you get the point!  My image is now up on 3 billboards owned by Blackbird Media including their iconic “The Nashville Sign”Outfront Media has also generously donated space on 5 of their electronic billboards around Nashville!



Thank you to Wendy Hickey of ArtPopStreet and the fabulous companies of Blackbird Media and Outfront Media for bring some art to our city when it definitely could use some!

Blackbird Media Locations:

  • 1615 Broadway-The Nashville Sign
  • I-65 North and South near the Wedgewood exit (front and back)

Outfront Media:

  • E/L Korean Veterans Blvd. 50 ft N/O S. 1st St. F/S
  • I-24 .2 MS I-65 W/S I-24 F/S
  • I-40/I-65 .3 M/W Charlotte Avenue S/S F/W
  • I-24/40 .2 M/W Fessler’s Lane N/S F/E
  • I-65 .7 M/S I-440 E/S F/N


View from below…

Yesterday I visited family at their new home they purchased. Yes, homes are being bought during the global pandemic.

While the others were eating some lunch, I did a little exploring in the woods behind the home with my infrared converted camera, Sony a6000, and a Lensbaby Trio28 lens. The canopy was thick enough that the light at ground level was pretty flat and boring, especially with the infrared camera. So, I turned my lens upward, towards the tree tops and the small breaks in the cover.

Here are a few of my favorites…