AOP Photo Assignment #1…Available Light

Ted Forbes from the Art of Photography youtube channel is once again doing Photo Assignments given we have a lot more time at home to improve our skills. His first assignmentis about available light and trying to re-create/mimic a still life photo as created by Josef Sudek.

I took advantage of the the free time this morning to try creating my image. I chose this image of Sudek’s as my inspiration:


I really liked the refraction of the light from the bevels on the glass and how it impacted the look of the eggs in the background. I was missing a few things to re-create this image…namely the glass!  And seltzer or mineral water to get the bubbles or a brown egg. But I had a glass, water,eggs, and some available window light. I started with one glass type…but it didn’t look right.


Then I tried a different one that was taller and had horizontal bevels. The glass was taller and to get some impact from the water and refraction, I decided to add eggs into the glass as opposed to just behind.


I wasn’t getting the kind of light i wanted, so I moved things to the other window nearby and closer to it. I was still getting some edge light from the original window and i liked that. I even changed the angle of the blinds to modify the light.


Lastly, I raised the blinds and got a slightly different look…the light was a broader, less focused.


Clearly the intention of Sudek is more visible in his image and I was working with what I had available. I did like how it turned out though!

I then grabbed a couple flowers and went up to my office and a different window to make some additional still life images. With these I edited the final product and included some textures/overlays. Let me know what you think!

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