Stay At Home…after you see it!

We are all doing our part to flatten the curve of this 2020 China Virus Pandemic by staying home. But, I am sure you can’t stay cooped up for days on end without going stir crazy!  So, when you are on your next toilet paper and mask shopping/hunting trip, go check out my image that is on a couple billboards around Nashville.


The image above is from a trip I took with my wife to visit friends/family in Florida earlier this year. We were taking a walk along Madiera Beach and I was shooting with my infrared converted camera and Lensbaby Trio28 lens.


The good people at Art Pop Street Gallery and RBXMedia are sharing my image and work from other artists in Nashville during the next month. Head on over to their sites and let them know you appreciate their efforts to make Nashville a better place sharing art work for all to see!

The current locations for billboards with my image are:

Murfreesboro Pike and Cleveland

Lebanon Pike at Fessler’s Lane

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