Cold New Years Day Nature…

New Years day I wanted to get a jump start on one of my 2018 Goals, to shoot more Fine Art images. Last year, I neglected my fine art work in favor of more fashion/portraiture shooting.  So, braving the cold, I went to Bells Bend Park to do some shooting with a new lens, the Lensbaby 85 Velvet.

The lens, purchased using my Christmas gift $$, is a manual focus lens and I knew I would have a learning curve ahead to get ideal images.  I decide to embrace the blur and even experimented with some multiple exposures.  Let me know what you think…

One thought on “Cold New Years Day Nature…

  1. Hey-hey! Long-time no see!

    These are right up my alley. Love your choice of treatment here.
    I’ve been using the Velvet 56 for a year or so now and it is easily one of my favorite lenses. Lends itself very well to B&W and limited palate. Maybe its the retro quality of the optics? Many images with this lens make me think of old film (movies).

    Nice to see your work again.

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