Lensbaby Love…

This past month I have received quite a bit of Love from Lensbaby, manufacturer of unique lenses that I use sometimes.

I had two images selected for their “Photos of the Week” on their blog. The first was an image I took at a beautiful waterfall called Machine Falls.



The second was an image I captured working with my friend and one of my favorite models to work with, Cheryl Brehm



Last, but definitely not least, I was interviewed for a blog post about my use of the Trio28 lens in my portraiture work.



The article features images with models such as Meagan White, Micael Leigh, Vicky Cunningham, Jessica Wen, Marina Seraphina, Tori Wrzalinski, Cheryl Brehm, and even my daughter, Chandler Morel!

Thanks Lensbaby! 🙂

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