Warner Park Time Motion…

First off…Happy 4th of July for those in America! 🙂

Now to the main purpose of this post.  Today I went by Warner Park and did some continued experimenting with a technique I am trying to imitate of a photographer/artist I recently met.  His name is John Thomas Collins and he presented at Brentwood Photography Group’s last meeting.  I liked all his work, but I was really drawn to his “Walking Meditations” series.  Check it out, very worth your time!

So, I have been experimenting some with a derivative of his techniques. He shoots film and can take much longer exposures than what I can in with my Nikon d800.  Below is the first attempt, a couple images taken during a walk with my wife at dusk.




This morning, I went by Warner Park and tried some more attempts.  Below are some that I liked.  Let me know your thoughts in this new technique.

© All Images Copyright Protected.  All Rights Reserved. – David L. Morel ~ 2014

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