wIRes Exhibit and new images…

For the past 2 years, I have been actively working on a series I call “wIRes”. It is a study of the TN country side and how power lines have become a part of the landscape. I shoot the series in infrared, thus the “IR” in the name.  I recently heard that I will be showing a collection of images from this series in 2015 at the Brentwood Public Library.  The show will be up in May and I will share more information when we get closer.

Sunday morning, I went out shooting and captured a few new images for the series.





© All images copyright protected.  All Rights Reserved. – David L. Morel ~ 2014

3 thoughts on “wIRes Exhibit and new images…

  1. Great news!! Just a tiny little correction — Should be “this” instead of this after “infrared”. Love, The Spelling/Grammer police


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