Dante’s Forest…

A few days ago I made a composite with two of my images and really liked how it turned out.  I call it Dante’s Forest. I was asked by a friend how I made the composite, so today I provide the step by step.

The Original Images




Step 1: 

In Photoshop, I placed the foggy trees image over the abstract image of an old car I shot at Old Car City.  I changed the blend mode to “Darken”



Step 2:

I liked the initial look of the two images combined, but didn’t like the trees showing up in the black area. I created a layer mask and hid the trees at the top and bottom of the composite.



Step 3:

Things are looking good, but wanted to get more out of the middle section of the composite. The colors were not rich enough, so I adjusted the levels to get the pop I was looking for.



Step 4:

Almost done, just applied some contrast using Nik’s Color Efex Pro to get the final image…



I hope you enjoyed the image and the mini-tutorial on how it was made!

 © All images copyright protected.  All Rights Reserved. – David L. Morel ~ 2014

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