Cheekwood Tulips…Infrared


This weekend, the tulips at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens were in full bloom and I wanted to get by there and do some shooting. I arrived Saturday morning at opening time to avoid the expected crowds.  Good thing I did, because within 60 minutes, the place was crowded with families out to enjoy the weather and views.

I shot these with an infrared camera converted camera. Why? I didn’t want to shoot the flowers in a traditional manner. I was interested in exploring the textures, lines, and curves of the flowers in a slightly abstract way. Also, the light was harsh since the sky was cloudless. Shooting infrared would remove the traditional colors and provide much softer light.

5 thoughts on “Cheekwood Tulips…Infrared

  1. David,

    Love the infrared! Isn’t it fun?? Your orchids are tulips, though.

    It never occurred to me to try infrared there…you’ve given me food for thought! Thanks!!

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  2. Did you realize–subject is “orchids” but pics are of tulips. Rather stark but beautiful and spare.

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