Ice and Fog…

On my way to the monthly meeting of the Brentwood Photography Group, I drove through an area where the trees were covered in thin layer of ice. We had recently had some icy conditions, but this was new and only in a small section of the area. It was beautiful in the late day sun and I wanted to stop, but I didn’t. I had cameras with me because I was bringing them to be cleaned at the meeting, but the traffic was bad and I was past the turn and doubling back would have taken too much time. You know the excuses, we tell ourselves these all the time when we struggle with taking time out of our busy lives to create.  Well, I let the excuses win out and kept on driving. I thought about the trees and their wonderful winter display, surely the last of the season with Spring as close as it is. I decided I would go back in the morning and see what I could capture.

After the meeting, I had a work call that went until 12:45am, all my gusto for shooting at 6:00 am had magically dissipated when I climbed into bed. There was no way, if I went out shooting I would be a wreck for the next day. More excuses letting themselves be heard as my mind wound down for the night.  The alarm rang way too early, almost too early if I had a full night’s sleep.  I dragged myself out of bed and looked out the window. Fog! A dense grey cloud had descended over the city. I got excited again. The icy trees might look even more interesting with the fog. I quickly dressed and headed out the door with my cameras. As I drove to the area I was hopeful the ice would still be there, hopefully even more. When I arrived, there was still some ice, but definitely less than the day before. I drove through the hillside neighborhood looking for opportunities. The trees that were covered were beautiful and striking, but power/telephone lines crossed in front of most of them.  I decided that going in close might make for some nice images without having to deal with the wires.




I chatted with a lady out walking her dog and she suggested the trees at Radnor Lake, just the other side of the hill, might be even nicer. It was a thought, so I made my way over there. On my way, a collection of trees with the fog behind them caught my attention. I shot them and then noticed a large old tree that begged to be captured. As I was shooting, I heard rustling down the road where a group of deer were crossing the road. I was able to get an image of one of the stragglers trying to catch up to the rest.





I continued on to Radnor Lake, just down the road, but the ice was not there. The fog was still around and I decided to take advantage of it. I enjoy shooting in fog, it adds an element of wonder to scenes. I went to a place where I have shot before but never really been happy with the resulting images. I knew that there was an opportunity for some nice and interesting images, so I worked the small area from multiple angles. 




I even made a 7 shot panorama that I would love to print at its full size of 5 feet across!


A lesson can be learned from this, when the creative voice calls to you, listen to it. Don’t let the negative thoughts and excuses turn you away. I hope you enjoy!



6 thoughts on “Ice and Fog…

  1. David, I just received your postcard in the mail from “LIberate Your Art” swap….stunning. Always a fan of the beach I just loved it but the clouds are what keep me coming back to it – what a great perspecitve you achieved. I am living in VA (near Dulles airport) but have never gone to Poquoson, I will have to look it up. My daughter graduated from Belmont this past August so I had a second smile when I saw your address. I decided to come and stroll through your blog and web site – very impressive! Thanks for the postcard fun – this was a great project and waking up the senses after a long winter:)
    Lisa Murphy

  2. David, I’ve been scrolling through your blog after seeing your posts on FB. You have some stunning photos, you have a great eye for composition and lighting. I smiled when I read that you did outings with the Brentwood Photo Group as I used to be a member as well. 2001-03. It’s been a while since I’ve been back. Keep up the great work and listen to your creative moments and don’t lose the opportunity to shoot.

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