Saturday morning rail abstracts!

Saturday morning I set out to find something to shoot. I had nothing specific that I was on the look out for, just wandering and looking. I saw a few alleyways that were interesting, but nothing really came of those images. I was about to give up when I received a message from my friend and fellow photographer, Eric Henderson. He asked if I was out shooting and I said “trying”! We messaged back and forth and I decided not to close up shop just yet. I came around the corner and saw a rail car and section of track. I shot the track, really liking the way it disappeared around the bend. I made me think of some adventure was ahead for anyone willing to travel its path.

Adventure Ahead




After shooting for a few minutes, I climbed back into my car looking for other possibilities. I came across another collection of rail cars next to a corrugated aluminum building, both proving to be good sources of abstract images. 












The last image I captured that morning is one of my favorites.  These rail cars have traveled the country for years and they might be nearing their last journey. They have been beaten and weathered by the elements and time. The number of workers who have climbed their ladders and opened their hatches are too many to count. But, this one had a reminder of all those that were here at one time. I call it “Hands On”.

Hands On

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