Hike to a Hidden Lake…

The other day I went out exploring, looking for photo opportunities. It was rainy and cold and overcast and I was not too optimistic. I came across a trail that just asked to be followed.

Hidden Lake Trail

The trail winded its way through a field that only a month ago was thick with growth still full with life. Now, only the slightest hint remained. The rain heavy on each of the fragile limbs.

Flora Forgotten

Rain Soaked Milkweed

The field soon gave way to forest as the trail continued. The further from the road, the thicker the woods and quieter the sounds.

Trail Woods

After many turns, a few makeshift bridges, and cresting a hill, the trail opened up to a hidden lake. Although the walls were steep and high, it was not a large body of water. The water, absent of current, sparkled with each rain drop created ripple.

Hidden Lake #01

As I reached the shore, the rain stopped, allowing me to open my bag and begin to shoot.  Although grey, the light was consistent thanks to the heavy cloud cover. I made my way around half of the lake capturing my find, the hidden lake.

Hidden Lake #07

Hidden Lake #06

Hidden Lake #05

Hidden Lake #04

Hidden Lake #03

Hidden Lake #02

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