2014 Calendar, now available!

It is the time of the year when create a calendar to give as gifts and make available for purchase.  Last year I created a planner via Blurb and I updated that planner with new images for 2014. That planner is available for purchase here:

2014 Planner

It is nice, my mother was the first to order a batch as gifts for her friends, but this year I wanted to also offer a more traditional calendar format. I asked around and did some research on different sites. A respected friend suggested I check out mpix.com. 


Mpix is a respected photo printer used by professionals, so I was not worried about quality. I was concerned about what types of templates and software they would provide for the creation of the calendar. A quick login to their site put any concerns I had to rest. They had all kinds of templates, but best of all, they had a blank template that would let me create what I wanted.  The software was pretty straight forward and was never a hindrance in the creative process.

I created mine last week, had one printed, and it was delivered the other day. Let me tell you, it looks great! The print quality was better than I expected and the size really grabs you! Below you can see the cover and a couple months. It measures 12×18, spiral binding at the top, and plenty of room to write on the dates!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you would be interested in purchasing one, click the button:


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