Breaking Through…Part 1

It has been almost a month since I have posted any new images. For the past few weeks I have been busy with other parts of my life and, honestly, the urge to create has been less than ideal.  This past weekend wasn’t any different, but I knew I needed to force myself, to break through the current doldrums. I set my alarm for  “way to early” Sunday morning so I could go out and shoot. I had no idea what I would go photograph and that wasn’t encouraging. But, I was awake, so I headed out to capture some images.

We have a Brentwood Photography Group outing coming up to shoot panoramas, so I thought I should try shooting some of those. First, stop I made was out front of the Frist Center for Visual Arts. I took a few panos, remembered some of what I was supposed to do and learned some other things.  I was able to capture the image below. This was a 5 or 6 shot panorama with 5-6 second exposure times. I had to time it when no cars were coming by to avoid them interfering with the stitching process later.


The sun was coming up fast and the balance of the sky and artificial lights was leaving just as quickly. I hurried to my next location, the Music City Center. I really like the lines of the new structure and wanted to show it in a dramatic way. For this pano, I utilized multiple captures to both provide balance among the many sources of light and to create the stitched panorama.


My next stop was on the bridge over the train tracks overlooking the Union Station Hotel. The shift change in the rail yard was in full swing as trains entered the yard and swapped crews.


Union Station Rail Yard #2

Shooting the trains in the yard form above lead to me finding a place where I had access to some rail cars up close and capturing a few more images…

Rail Car Ladder

And, lastly, a single show pano of a lonley trailer awaiting his friends to arrive Monday morning.

Lonely Trailer

Tomorrow, I plan to post another batch of images, some Black&Whites and some color abstracts. I hope you find some that you like!

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