Patience and Perseverance

Sue Henry hits the nail on the head in regards to pursuing juried exhibits with out artwork. There are a lot of negatives for sure, but the positives when you are accepted for a sought after show sure is nice!

f /4 studio

Much discussion has recently been taking place among the women of f/4 studio regarding entering and having work accepted into juried exhibits.  However, first of all we need to be honest about WHY we enter work into juried exhibits.

Speaking from personal experience, I have several reasons why I wish to exhibit. For me, a primary reason is the personal challenge and intrinsic reward in having work accepted.  When one has work included into an exhibit that has been curated by an experienced and qualified individual, a certain level of value and appreciation for one’s work is perceived.  That in its self is gratifying.

Acceptance into juried exhibits fosters and develops a greater audience for one’s work.  Over time, an artist’s reputation can be established, as our artist CVs will attest.  Often it is during an exhibit that relationships are formed – new friendships. camaraderie among artists,  as well as…

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