Colorful Farm in Burns, TN

Yesterday morning I had a need to get out and take some photos. I don’t know why I did, the prospects looked slim with the grey overcast skies and rain starting, stopping, and starting again. But, I grabbed my bag and headed out by 6:30am. I drove west with no real destination or subject in mind. I just wanted to shoot. As I drove on I-40 past the edges of Nashville, the clouds were showing signs of retreat. The sun would poke through here, but would quickly disappear. Then it would find an opening there, only to be shut down again. I could see ahead that the tail end of the front was nearing and clear skies would be soon overhead.

I exited the highway and started on a back road that was taking me towards Burns, TN. There were photo opportunities on this road, but the traffic was moving too quickly, so I turned off on to a side road and found my way upon a nice little farm with a unique barn right as the sun was breaking through. I stopped and took a shot of the barn and the some of the fields it served.


I pulled out to head on down the road further into the countryside, but more scenes at the farm caught my attention. I wasn’t sure if I should stop and explore. I drove back and forth a few times, not sure if I should stop, but I knew there were other shots to be found. I finally parked in a little drive away from the farm house. As I was exiting my car, a school bus came by and its driver pulled to a stop. He asked me if I was having trouble, turns out he was the property owner. He was really nice and had no problems with me shooting. Why he was driving the school bus never came up in our brief conversation.

I proceeded to shoot the barn from different angles…


There were plenty of places on this farm that caught my eye, like this building…


As I walked back to my car, I was being watched closely by some of the farm’s inhabitants. They were a little shy at first, but I asked politely if they wouldn’t mind me taking their picture. They agreed and posed rather nicely!


A note about the processing of these images. These are clearly not my normal look, but the lushness of the green trees/grass and the deep reds inspired me. I just had to over emphasize their colors and richness to share with you what I was feeling as we exited the black and white of the rainy morning into the beautiful summer day. I hope you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Colorful Farm in Burns, TN

  1. Love the color treatment. Like you, I think that the use of color or black/white conveys a sense of emotion about the subject matter and in this case, I completely agree it brings a vivid sense of life to these landscapes. Burns is a wonderful area to photograph–sounds like a perfect day, to me!

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