BPG Outing – Crowded!

Saturday morning was the monthly photo outing of the Brentwood Photography Group. We met up in Franklin, TN and the plan was to capture images that spoke to the theme “Crowded”. The first thing I shot was our group, from the 3rd floor of the parking garage where we gathered.




I started walking this way and that way, but every which way I went there were other photographers. So, I ducked down an alley and started looking for subjects. The first thing I saw turned out to be a theme for most of the images I would shoot that morning. I noticed a plant with large broad leaves, with smaller sprouts trying to make their way out from between their over sized siblings.




I then moved in closer and noticed the rain drops competing for position on the leaves. I moved in even closer to fill the frame…




Nearby was another type of plant that provided a similar but different take on “Crowded”.





As I strolled on, I continued looking for other incarnations of the theme. I came across a porch with large white spindles standing as sentries to passerby’s. They clearly looked like they were “crowded”…


This outing was one that I began without any preconceived ideas of what I might shoot. Not because I didn’t want to, I just was stumped. I think that is what is so nice such exercises. Making yourself shoot to a theme in a compressed about of space and time pushes you to look and see, a skill that every photographer should nurture and mature!


2 thoughts on “BPG Outing – Crowded!

  1. David, I appreciate the progression of thoughts and images here. Although I was not able to participate in this event, I have found our outings to be challenging in just this way. Turning the these over in my mind, walking, seeing, searching, shooting this and that, and then something catches your eye. Stop, explore, look deeper. Thanks for sharing these. And then contrasting these images with the Burns trip, where the process is entirely different and resulting in images that may have a theme after all. Inspired!

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