Good weekend gets better!

This past weekend was pretty good, but got a lot better when I checked my email this morning. First, my step-son returned from 3 months studying abroad in Chile. It has been nice seeing the fun he was having through the pictures he has shared online, but even better having him back with us. My daughter’s soccer team made the finals of their soccer tournament and turned in some really impressive results. And, I had a great time on the most recent Brentwood Photography Club outing, a shoot around the Vanderbilt campus. We finished the weekend with a nice cookout with the family and enjoyed the beautiful weather around the fire pit!


But what about the email you ask?  Well, I rec’d word that I had a couple prints accepted for a show in Texas and another image is going to be published in an art magazine.

The exhibit is at the ASmith Gallery in Johnson City, TX, a small town just outside of Austin. The exhibit is in conjunction with the Texas Photographic Society and was juried by D Clarke Evans, professional photographer and team shooter for the San Antonio Spurs. The theme was “Sports” and I submitted some of my rugby photos I shot a few years back. I chose images from a particularly spectacular game played in the mud between The University of Tennessee and Arkansas State, a perennial national powerhouse. Below are the two images that were accepted for the show.


© David L. Morel 2010


© David L. Morel 2010

I also heard that images I submitted to Stone Voices, an art magazine, were selected for their online gallery and one was chosen to be in the next issue of the magazine along side 5 other artists’ images. The issue includes images and literary pieces along the theme of “The River”. The Summer Issue will be available June 1st.

© David L. Morel 2012

© David L. Morel 2012

All this good news makes me excited for next week’s Monday morning email arrival!


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