NC Trip Recap and Award!

Dunes Sunrise

Last weekend, I set out for a road trip across North Carolina to deliver a few prints to a show in Wilmington, NC. Friday I drove into Winston-Salem to visit my niece who is a freshman at Wake Forest. We had a nice time at dinner and I was able to get to sleep pretty early. I awoke early and drove on to Raleigh where I was meeting up with a friend of mine who moved there a while back. He is a tennis pro at a beautiful club and he arranged for me to hit with one of his good friends at the club. It was great catching up even though  wasn’t able to close out the tennis match!

After lunch with the two, I made my way east to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I had a little trouble with a bridge being out and a not so clearly marked detour route, but I eventually made it to the ferry that takes you to Ocracoke Island. On the way to the ferry, I did stop in a swampy area that looked like a potential photo.

Swamp Trees

I reached the island after dark so I had a limited view of  what awaited me in the morning. Sunrise found me setup to capture the island’s iconic structure, Ocracoke Lighthouse. I was joined by a rather large cat that was very interested in what I was up to. The cat did pose for an instagram photo.

Here are some of the images I took of the lighthouse…

The island has a harbor that they call Silver Lake. Most of the ferrys come and go from the docks here and a lot of commercial fishing boats, charters, and sail boats dock here…

Silver Lake View of Lighthouse Silver Lake Dock


I caught the 1:00pm ferry to Cedar Island and made my way to Wilmington where I dropped off my prints the next morning. The show opens tomorrow, but I received a call yesterday letting me know my print Cemetery Sunrise was awarded 3rd prize in the photography category. I won’t be there for the presentation tonight, but they were sending a check that will help pay for part of my little road trip!  All in all, it was a great trip!




7 thoughts on “NC Trip Recap and Award!

  1. Wow….these are wonderful Dave. I love all the creative directions you tried with a singular, iconic subject. They all work in different ways. I especially like the opening image, which evokes mystery because you really cannot tell what time of day it is, but you feel something is happening, behind the grasses. Love your work!

  2. David – could explain how you took the house and trees photo including setup (tripod?), lens, settings, etc. To me there is something haunting about this photo and my eye is really glued to it.

    • Thanks Rick! Yes, I shot that hand held in southern Middle TN, with my d7000 with the 17-35mm lens with early morning light. I converted from Raw in Lightroom and in photoshop i further edited it. I added contrast, added a color layer and 3 texture layers. A few masks here and there to control the impact of the texture layers on different parts of the image. Let me know if that helps!

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