NC Road Trip!

I am packing my gear for a fun road trip this weekend! I need to deliver a couple prints to an exhibit in Wilmington, NC and I thought what a great excuse for a road trip!

Leaving early Friday gives me plenty of time for visiting and shooting before needing to be in Wilmington Monday morning. I plan to stop in Winston-Salem to visit my niece who is attending Wake Forrest University and take her and some friends to dinner. Saturday I will head over to Raleigh and meet up with an old friend for some tennis and lunch. Then it is on to the coast and the barrier islands of North Carolina. I have reservations at a Bed and Breakfast on Ocracoke Island and am really excited about the photo opportunities there and on my way in and out!

I don’t plan to blog the trip, but you never know. I do know I will be sharing images on my Instagram feed, so check it out if you are so inclined!


2 thoughts on “NC Road Trip!

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