Store Closed, Opportunity to Shoot!

The other day I had to pick up a few things at our local camera store, Dury’s, and went by after dropping my daughter at school. I arrived at 8:15 hoping they opened at 8:00, but figured if they opened at 8:30, no worries, it would be a short wait. Surprise! They open at 9:00! So, I had 45 minutes to kill, not enough time to go home and then come back. So, I decided to do a little shooting around downtown.

I have recently started using a Nikon D800 and with its full size chip, I have had some difficulties getting the images I want with my Lensbaby lenses. What a perfect opportunity to get some practice in, having 45 minutes to kill downtown!

Here are a few of my images from the morning shoot:

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