I lost, but it doesn’t quite feel that way…

I entered an online competition to appear in an NYC exhibit that was conducted by Canteen Magazine, an art magazine. The competition was unique in that they would publish the judges comments on your submission for the first round of judging. In that first round, they would cut the selection down to 25 artists and then have a live judging of those 25 to have the final group who would exhibit. The live judging is tonight and you can find out more information here: Naked Judging


I submitted some images from a new series I was exploring, Embrace the Blur, and was interested in getting some feedback. Well, I didn’t make it and appreciated the comments from the judge, although I had some questions. But, since the competition didn’t allow for followups with the judges I thought I was done. That is, until I rec’d an email from Aline Smithson’, the force behind Lenscratch blog, asking for me to submit my comments about the competition and some images from my submission. I was excited about the opportunity and did just that. Today, she posted that entry on her blog…Canteen Magazine’s Naked Judging: Learning from Rejection, Part 2


Check it out, review the images I and others submitted, and read the comments from the judges and the participants. It was really a great opportunity and I feel fortunate to have participated even though I didn’t win!


One thought on “I lost, but it doesn’t quite feel that way…

  1. Really interesting, David, and I think there is a lot to be learned both from what the judges wrote and what’s between the lines. I read through all of them, and it’s given me food for thought about the importance of having a concept that holds together… not just a string of strong photos, which might be my first mistake if I tried this myself. I appreciate your sharing this, and applaud your effort for entering. One can never grow if you don’t extend yourself from time to time. Cheers.

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