A short dis-Abstraction…

A friend of mine and fellow photographer, Eric Henderson, forwarded me a “call for entries” for an exhibit with the theme of Abstraction. That was a month ago and the deadline is upon us. I needed to look through some of my recent images, some from my blur series might do. But, I wanted to try and produce something that I could submit. So, I took a few minutes yesterday researching what is “Abstract Photography”. The “call for entries” describes it this way:

“Unlike other mediums, photography was designed to reproduce the world as we see it with technical precision. Abstract photography uses this technological capability to break down our world, revealing it anew in surprising ways.”

I also looked on Flickr and other photo sites for examples of abstract photography. There were images made with long exposures, intentional blurs, and close up lenses. It was the latter that caught my interest. I enjoy macro shooting and have been wanting to try out the macro adapters that came with my Lensbaby Pro Effects Kit I received in December. So, I took a short break from my day and set out to get a few images. Looking around the house for potential subjects, I was drawn to a vintage wallpaper press. I thought the texture and dark wood would make for an interesting image or two.

Here are a few of my favorites…would love to hear your comments!





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