2 days, 2 lenses Part 1

I thought I would try a little exercise with my photography and shoot a location one day with one lens only. Then, another day, return and shoot it with a different lens. I didn’t come up with the idea for the exercise, I stole it from my friend and photographic mentor, Joe Dimaggio.

So, yesterday  morning I headed out right at sunrise to the Parthenon here in Nashville with my 17-35mm lens. I made my way around the building shooting it in a myriad of ways. I really made an effort to work as many angles and views as I could find.

Here are my images from yesterday…let me know what you think of them.

7 thoughts on “2 days, 2 lenses Part 1

  1. David–caught your post on the MTS group and honestly, I have never been so taken with a local photog’s work as I was when I viewed this series. Compositionally, in my opinion, these are truly masterful, and the development treatment was the perfect touch. I really love the one of the steps–the simplicity of light, shadow, and angled lines just had me staring at it for several minutes! The others are just wonderful, as well, especially the low angles, shooting up.

    As an experienced hobbyist photographer myself, I know it means a great deal to hear when your work touches a nerve, so just wanted to take moment to let you know. I hope we can meet sometime since we are both in the same area. My wordpress moniker is 1107photography, but I’m Deb Scally on MTS. Cheers!

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