First BPG Outing of the Year…

Farmer's Market with no Farmers

The Brentwood Photography Group had their first outing of the year yesterday and I was lucky to make it out for it. We had a break in the recent rainy weather, so there was a large turnout. We met at the designated place and Jerry Park, Outing Guru Extraordinaire, announced the how it would work. He had identified 5 themes that we were to shoot for. Jerry advised us to focus on one of the themes and not to be tied to the most common interpretations. The themes were:

  1. Intersection
  2. “Two”
  3. Stand Out
  4. Underneath
  5. Color Crush

It was the last theme, Color Crush, that made me think of the Farmer’s Market as a great place to go shoot. I was joined by my longtime friend Ronny Light and two new friends from the club, Kevin Graham and Rick Wise.

Below is a collection of the images I liked best…


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