The Gulch

I found myself downtown in Nashville yesterday with 30 minutes to kill, so I drove to an area called The Gulch. It is the trendy area with nice restaurants, popular stores, high rise condos and fun nightspots. It is originally, the basin in downtown where the the old train station, Union Station, now a beautiful hotel, sits. I wanted to get a few images before I had to be heading on, so I found a perch on the Demonbreun St. bridge and captured a few images. Here are three of my favorites. Three are in a new style I have been experimenting with which I call “Embrace the Blur”. Let me know what you think of the three, and the fourth one also.


2 thoughts on “The Gulch

  1. I thought the “blur” is what you see after being over-served!! They are very, very, nice– perhaps these pictures represent why one is often euphoric when “embracing the blur!”

  2. I love the tag, “Embrace the Blur”! It’s refreshing to see how one can break the stereotypical rules and get great shots doing so! Great atmosphere in these pictures, especially the winding tracks. I think I might try a few these myself!

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