Upcoming Exhibit – Marnie Sheridan Gallery at Harpeth Hall…February 24th!

I was excited to hear last week that the 3 images I submitted to an upcoming show at the Marnie Sheridan Gallery at Harpeth Hall School were accepted for their show, “Jasmine and Joe; the art of coffee and tea”. The exhibit opens February 24th with a reception from 3:00pm-5:00pm.

For the exhibit I tried a couple of different directions. The first, was an homage to Andy Warhol and updated the “pop-art” soup can with what would have to be today’s equivalent, Starbucks coffee. What is more pop culture than the “on every corner” coffee shop and their high priced cups of fancy coffee?

21st Century Pop Art I

21st Century Pop Art II


The other direction was a big departure from my normal type of shooting. I created a series of still life’s that represented different customers who sat at a particular table, Table 5, at different times in the day, in a fictitious coffee shop. The four images will have a finishing wash of coffee to add additional tinting and will be presented together in one frame.


I will post more information about the reception when it becomes available.


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